Graphic Designer
with an Illustrator’s Streak

Hello there!

I’m Abby, a graphic designer and image maker based in the High Peak, close to the Greater Manchester area.

Rooted in illustration, my approach to a design brief is heavily informed by a love for shapes, playfulness, character design and colour.

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Brand Identity
Cup Noodles
Skin Kinetics

Self Identity

Packaging Design


01. Mellow Teas
Completed towards degree

Inspired by the 24/7 tea drinking culture in the United Kingdom, the brand identity works to go against the grain and stand out from its competitors by taking on a friendly and colourful persona that promotes drinking tea during all hours of the day, for any occasion.

To bring an air of covetability, the packaging features
an accordian fold to present tea bags, as well as the option to hang the inner piece from your kitchen cupboard.


02. (Lost Things) Do You Remember Me? 
Completed towards degree

The brief; to create an evocative and hyper relevant brand campaign surrounding Disney’s 100 year anniversary, targeted at young adults (16-30yr olds) from the ‘90s and ‘00s.

The response; Disney+ campaign with a playful and nostalgic hook. The campaign featured a scavenger hunt approach to lay the foundation of playful and community driven engagement through posters with links to a “secret website” that promised every visitor a free 30 day trial to Disney+. In addition to a chance to win exclusive Disney merchandise to celebrate their 100 year anniversary by sharing pictures of the posters in the wild with the hashtag #lostsecrets



03. Self Identity
Completed towards degree

Brief; build an impactful piece of storytelling using personal experiences, visual imagery, layout and typography.

Response; I explore image making and layout to capture complex emotions from personal experiences in an observable form.

Below are examples of some of the spreads from the editorial.

**The fast food imagery is not by me


04. Grads4Nottm (LTF Recruitment)
Completed towards degree

Via Nottingham Trent University’s Grads4Nottm internship progra mme I had the opportunity to produce marketing materials within a team of three.
We had a copywriter, social media person, and myself as the graphic designer for overall art direction and the physical leaflet.

Our inspiration was Keith Haring for his use of colour and energetic doodles, which infused well with the athletes and inspirational people featured.

Graphic Designer and Image Maker
Based in the High Peak